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Welcome!  It's unbelievable the free software you can get online.  Browse around and download anything you like.  Just use the Quick Navigation menu on the right to look at the library.

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3D Modeling
    Create magnificent virtual worlds in full 3D.
Anti-Virus & Malware
    Software that protects you from the nasty stuff out there.
Art & Graphic Design Tools
    Free creative software for all mediums.
Backup & Security
    Protect yourself from data loss with these tools.
MS Office Utilities
    A collection of useful Microsoft Office related tools.
PC Information
    Programs to acquire information about your computer.
System Utilities
    Programs to make your computer better.
    For everything that doesn't fit in another category.
Legal Notice & Disclaimer
R-Squared Computing does not warranty nor certify that any of this software will work as advertised. Furthermore, we also recommend that you scan any downloads for viruses prior to installing them on your computer system(s). Use all freeware at your own risk.
If you know of freeware that you think should be included in this list, please contact us.

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