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More Than Just Computer Guys


We're not your average "computer guys."  We are not interested in selling you expensive computers and equipment.  We are interested in helping you get work done.


We want your business to operate as smoothly as possible.  Technology should not be a hindrance.  It should work with you -- instead of fighting you. 

Is your equipment doing the most it can for you?  Most computers are idle 90% of the time!  You'd be surprised how much more work your computers can do. 



Shouldn't Your Computers Work (At Least) As Hard As You?


Some of our recommendations may require work process changes!

If it makes sense to move the paper from the left hand to the right hand to get a performance boost, then we help move the paper. It's just common sense.

But change can be tough sometimes...

The Good News is you probably have all the tools you need. Just no one ever showed you how to get the most out of it. Imagine having a sports car you never take out of 2nd gear! Sure it's pretty, but it isn't doing what it was meant to do.


You don't care about jargon. You don't care about the latest internet fad. You want to run your business. We get that.


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We hate spam too!

We promise we will never reveal your private information to anyone.


What is a Free Technology Evaluation?


We will come to your office and study your computer systems. We won't change anything or do anything strange. We promise.


We'll collect information about your computers, network devices and even your website. Then, we'll evaluate and document it for you.


In our documentation we will give you:


  1. A complete itemization of the computers in your business, including a list of installed software, hardware and printers.

  2. A diagram of your computer network.

  3. We'll rate your systems to let you know if they're in good shape.

  4. And we'll make recommendations for how to make it all work better.


We're betting that you will be so impressed that you will hire us.


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All our work is covered by our blanket Non Disclosure Policy so you don't have to worry about security. We take your privacy very seriously.


Did we mention you'll be getting a professional document that's great for insurance purposes? We have customers that keep theirs in a fire-proof safe. And it doesn't cost you a cent. Request your free network evaluation now!


We hate spam too!

Don't Take Our Word for It


"They are there when you need them..."

~ Myron M. Samole
Samole, Berger & Hicks, P.A.

"...the results have been nothing
short of a miracle!"

~ Ron Renzy

Wallberg & Renzy, P.A.

You will not be sorry working
with R-Squared!"

~ Malcolm Gold

Bastide de Roche, S.A.

"These are the good guys."

~ Joe Cropper

World Chess Hall of Fame



Who is R-Squared Computing?


Ten years ago, R-Squared Computing was founded by Louis Rosas-Guyon and Alex Rodriguez. We decided we were tired of working for big companies and we wanted to work for ourselves.


Meet the Owners of R-Squared Computing

Louis Rosas-Guyon is a happily married father of two. His book Nearly Free IT for micro business was published in April 2009. He specializes in desktop computers, Cloud migrations and internet technologies.

Alex Rodriguez is one of those frightfully smart people. He devours everything technical. He specializes in servers and  network systems. And he will kill Louis for writing this.

We met working for Deneba Software where we were part of their R&D skunk works. We helped develop a 3D modeling software which was ultimately sold to NASA and the US military.


Recognizing we worked well as a team, we then went to InnTECH Corporation to develop internet video streaming technology. The joys of the Internet boom! It was great developing some of the internet video technologies that everyone enjoys today.


When InnTECH was sold, we went into business for ourselves. And for the last 10 years this is how we've paid our bills.


Our customers recognize our value because:

  1. We help you work smoothly.

  2. We warn you away from trouble.

  3. And we don't try to sell you equipment.



Our 10 Point Philosophy


Unless whoever signs the check tells us otherwise...this is how we work:

  1. Equipment needs to be maintained. That way it doesn't break as often. If it breaks, we fix it.

  2. Eventually everything stops being cost effective to fix and then you get a new one. But don't get caught unprepared. Failure to plan is unacceptable.

  3. Just because it's the latest, doesn't mean it's the greatest. We check it out beforehand. You shouldn't get stuck with a turkey.

  4. Financial responsibility. It's your money. If a good, free alternative exists -- why spend money?

  5. Technology can't do everything.

  6. Everyone complains their computer is slow. Our answer: if the computer waits for you more than you wait for it...you don't need a new computer.

  7. Everything can be measured. Not everything should be measured. Information overload is very real. Better reporting makes a difference.

  8. Training is the key to effective workers. Get more from the tools you already own.
  9. Efficient engineering. Suit the tool to the task. Always try to reduce the number of steps.
  10. Nothing is worse than some outsider who wants to change everything before understanding why things are the way they are. We learn how you work first, then we help you work smarter.


Stop allowing technology to slow you down. Turn it into a valuable tool instead. Get your free evaluation now!



We hate spam too!

We promise we will never reveal your private information to anyone.


More Praise for


"I have rarely met individuals with the ability to take abstract ideas and create viable, concrete and productive solutions that exceed high level goals and expectations."

~ Roger Lee

CVS | Caremark

"Superheroes of all techy things!"

~ Kim Stathopulous 

"...integrity is the norm,
not the exception."

~ Orlando Villagran,


"...an IT company with
competence and integrity."

~ Jezka Catambay

Johnson & Wales University


When it comes to computers & technology, do you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or aggravated?


Instead, how would you like...

  1. to get more from your current tech

  2. predictable technology costs

  3. unbiased advice on new technology

  4. answers in Plain English with no jargon

  5. someone that understands your business can't afford down time

  6. and someone that doesn't want to sell you equipment...


Stop dreaming.  Make it happen.


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