This business law practice was experiencing growing pains.  They had been forced to move multiple times because they kept outgrowing their office spaces.  After two moves in two years, the firm was tired of relocating so opted to implement a tele-commuting plan so lawyers could work from home, yet still access centralized client files and digital documents.

R-Squared developed a simple server utilizing multiple levels of security to protect client information from prying eyes.  The new server was only accessible by specific computers during certain times of the day.  Furthermore, maximum password policy was implemented requiring constant changing of user passwords.  This solution has been online since 1999 and has never been hacked.  Productivity increased by an estimated 28% with an astounding 32% increase in billable hours for the firm.

"With R-Squared Computing we got the personal attention that we wanted.  We dealt with real professionals.  People that know technology and understand the value of communicating in plain English.  And the results have been nothing short of a miracle!" 
- Ron Renzy, Partner

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