Growing data demands and obsolete computers plagued this Miami law firm.

R-Squared has been working with Samole & Berger since 2002.  In this time numerous updates and upgrades have been completed successfully.  The original problem stated above was resolved by upgrading the primary server's hard drive storage space with newer, faster hard drives which cut data access times by 15%.  R-Squared also designed a simple computer-hand-me-down policy were senior attorneys are upgraded on a routine basis and their older computers are handed down to support staff on a rotating basis.  As such, everyone receives an updated computer every three to four years. 

R-Squared is currently conducting a long term test to determine efficiency benefits from two monitor computer configurations.  Current industry literature espouses a 20%-50% efficiency gain from a two monitor workspace.  We are hoping to find a more accurate efficiency figure from these systems to offer these benefits to more customers.

"We have been using R-Squared Computing since 2002 as our primary computer maintenance service company.  R-Squared has kept our law firm's computer network, hardware, software and peripherals running smoothly and up to date with the latest technological developments.  They are there when you need them, and R-Squared designed our systems to be sure that our data is automatically backed up and secure.  It is a great company to have on board."
- Myron M. Samole, Samole & Berger, P.A.

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