The Melting Pot restaurant located in North Miami Beach was moving to a new location.  The move required relocating all of their business technology systems, including their Point of Sales servers and input terminals, their online reservation system, the manager's computer, telephone systems and all the credit card processing equipment.  The new location is in an old brick train station, with absolutely substandard electrical and telephone wiring.  A completely new data network was also required.

R-Squared met with the owner of the Melting Pot franchise and designed a move plan that would minimize the amount of time he was out of business.  Implementation began with a complete overhaul and modernization of the new location's electrical and telephone cabling.  During this phase, the complete network was also built-out with all logical Point of Sales locations designated. 

Once all infrastructure in the new location was ready, a final date for the original location was set and the physical computers were relocated that day.  All new systems were ported and plugged into the new infrastructure.  Initial bugs were ironed out of the system during a two day stress testing phase, and the North Miami Beach Melting Pot restaurant re-opened for business in their new location on Biscayne Boulevard in four days.

Melting Pot North Miami Beach
15700 Biscayne Blvd.
N. Miami Beach, FL 33160
Phone: (305) 947-2228
Fax: (305) 947-7840

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