Legacy software systems kept the company trapped in out dated computer systems that were threatening to stall business growth.


After an extensive analysis of the current operational systems, it was deemed that the Lynco business model was superior to commercially available software packages. Lynco senior management agreed that their business model comprised a significant business advantage and opted to modernize their in-house legacy estimating and job control software systems.

A new and updated edition of the software systems that helped them maintain their business advantage also ensured against substantial interruptions of productivity as they adapt to new working models.  The proposal included sample pictures of software windows.  After approval of the software design, R-Squared Computing developed the new systems and delivered them on schedule.  Included were complete illustrated users manuals following the Plain Language standard.  R-Squared also conducted day long training for the staff.

The new systems surpassed previous peaks in worker productivity within two days time!  Because the new software was a modernization with several new features, some functions required additional training. 

Since the original installation, Lynco has requested continuous improvements and upgrades to support additional business operations.  By leveraging their enormously successful business model with updated software, Lynco was able to capture market growth without growing pains.

Please note, there are many additional capabilities within this system that we cannot discuss because of Non-Disclosure Agreements.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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