Junior Achievement needed to move from their old offices into an older building with a terribly tangled infrastructure.

The new offices were completely cluttered with old, disconnected data and telephone connections.  The ceiling spaces were filled with ancient, unused wires from every known kind of data network technology all in an impervious tangle.  Working on Saturday, R-Squared identified which existing cable runs could be re-used and ran new cables when needed to all designated areas.  In coordination with the telephone system company contracted by Junior Achievement, R-Squared was able to implement the new network using up-to-date best practices.

In addition, R-Squared moved all the computers from the original office space to the new space, reassembled all the computers, connected them to the network, installed network printers, and configured for internet access.  Junior Achievement employees were asked to verify that all required systems were in place and that the computers functioned with no error.  An R-Squared technician also spent the next business day with them in their offices to address the inevitable "bugs" that appeared in the system.

"When our offices recently changed locations, R-Squared Computing got us up and running in our new spot without us missing a beat.  They are always quick with technical support and assistance!"
- Scott Galvin, Junior Achievement of Greater Miami

Junior Achievement of Greater Miami
13490 NW 7th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33168
Phone (305) 687-3977  Ext 26
Fax (305) 687-5188

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