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Excalibur was suffering all forms of business growing pains.  From expanding the total number of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners to implementing advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems, Excalibur experienced just about every problem a growing business can face.

Over the course of six years, R-Squared managed to address the vast majority of problems.  By converting as many EDI partners towards an XML-base reporting method, Excalibur enjoyed more than $35,000 per year in EDI transaction fee savings.  By retooling business processes in accounts receivable, shipping and receiving, and in sales, the company realized a 29% decrease in shipping errors, and saved more than $12,000 per year in unnecessary costs. 

In addition, R-Squared implemented a unified data network between all of Excalibur's offices around the globe.  From Hong Kong to New York to Miami, all senior level employees had immediate access to information from any point in the Excalibur enterprise.  In addition, all data collections and input were stored in a central location, meaning back-ups now covered all the company's data, regardless of country of origin.  This design saved Excalibur an estimated $133,000 in redundant servers, backup devices and other such equipment. 

Furthermore, advanced reporting systems (e.g. Business Intelligence) communicated accurate-to-the-second data allowed management to take advantage of minute fluctuations in currency valuations, shipping rates and discounts, manufacturer's discounts and bulk pricing rates, and stock inventory levels.  Management is capable of knowing exact sales figures for every product individually or by category, including total profits generated by product, last sale date, largest customer, and other such combinations.

"These guys are best of breed. They have done miracles here. This is the only business I know that has no computer problems. They are fast as lightning.  R-Squared is incredible."
- Werner Schneider, Controller

"It was great having the technical support of R-Squared Computing at our company for several years.  These guys really went out of their way to make sure our systems were up and running at maximum potential.  If my computer froze, if it acted weird, if the same e-mail came in five times, if it needed defragmentation, or upgrading, they were always there assisting all of our staff in a professional, yet friendly manner.  Not to mention they are experts on EDI set-ups.  Your team is complete with these fellows aboard."
- G. Calle, Excalibur Electronics, Inc.

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