Interactive kiosk computer terminals embedded in large chess pieces kept failing.

The computer terminals were all built into large wooden replicas of chess pieces.  These computer kiosks are for visitors to learn more about the museum and to enroll in a variety of free online chess educational programs.  It was determined after a full analysis that the computers were burning out due to the excess accumulation of heat inside the wooden chess pieces.  R-Squared cut ventilation holes into the chess pieces and placed simple rotating fans inside each chess piece.  Heat damaged computers were replaced by simple, low cost computer terminals that dynamically connected to an existing working computer.  The single computer provided sufficient processing power to provide virtual desktops for the remaining six kiosk stations.  Since this implementation, there have been no further failures of kiosk terminals, and the total cost of the repair was under US$1000.

"R-Squared is a professional, tightly-run company that never loses its personal touch - I highly recommend them for all IT issues and projects.  These are the good guys."
- Joe Cropper, World Chess Hall of Fame

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