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With mining holdings across the globe, Bastide de Roche faced numerous data reporting challenges.

Originally, each mining operation was using different reporting practices and computer systems.  These reports were transmitted by a variety of different means to the corporate headquarters in Europe.  R-Squared implemented a central reporting server then designed a unified reporting method for all the mines to use.  All the mine managers were provided new procedure documents to aide in the transition.  The new reporting methods reduced data transcription errors by 33% and eliminated fourteen data entry positions from the headquarters offices.

R-Squared analyzed Bastide's primary reporting requirements through a series of interviews with all key employees.  As individual requirements were understood, a total reporting solution was engineered based on the specific requirements of each level of the multinational enterprise.  A truly multi-lingual reporting system was developed that allows Bastide staff members to review real-time data specific to their work needs, with advanced Management Level reporting capabilities that allow senior staff members to extract highly customizable information using nothing more than their internet-enabled cellular telephones.

Overall the new reporting mechanisms have generated a total savings of US$2.4 million and reduced costly errors.  Bastide is now capable of fine tuning mine production levels based on requisite product demand and international commodities market adjustments.  Bastide can now identify which are the best markets for their ores prior to extraction.

Please note, there are many additional capabilities within this system that we cannot discuss because of our Non-Disclosure Agreements with Bastide de Roche, S.A.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

"Since our relationship started, my business has become more globalized. At any moment I need to know exactly how my clients, assets, banking and investments are performing, to enable me to make the correct decision for my business and shareholders. Thank you for everything, my friends. R-Squared is world class."
- Malcolm J. Gold, Chairman

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