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Our 10 Point Philosophy


Unless whoever signs the checks tells us otherwise...this is how we work:

  1. Maintenance is everything.
    Equipment needs to be maintained.  That way it doesn't break as often.  If it breaks, we fix it.  We'll develop maintenance schedules and routines for you.
  2. Respect diminishing returns.
    Eventually everything stops being cost effective to fix -- that's when you get a new one.  But don't get caught unprepared.  Failure to plan is unacceptable.
  3. Newer isn't the same as better.
    Just because it's the latest, doesn't mean it's the greatest.  We check it out beforehand.  You shouldn't get stuck with a turkey.
  4. Financial responsibility.
    It's your money.  If a good, free alternative exists -- why spend money?
  5. Technology can't do everything.
    How you apply technology is everything.  Computers are just tools, like hammers.  If you use them correctly, you will get great results.

    Everyone wants a magic button that does their job for them.  This then frees them up to goof off on the Internet all day long.  However, if we can automate someone's job, we'll let you know so you can reallocate personnel, as needed. 
  6. Everyone's computer is "too slow".
    Our answer is simple: if the computer waits for you more than you wait for it...you don't need a new computer.  We don't believe in spending your money just to satisfy someone's ego.
  7. Everything can be measured.
    Every important metric in your business must be measured.  However, not everything should be measured.  Information overload is very real problem experienced by business owners.  Better reporting makes all the difference.
  8. Knowledge is power.
    Training is the key to effective workers.  You can get more from the tech tools you already own if your people know how to use them effectively.
  9. Efficient engineering.
    Suit the tool to the task.  We'll always try to reduce the number of steps.  The fewer steps, the faster it gets done -- the faster it gets done, the more your workers can do.  
  10. We don't know everything.
    How can anyone realistically recommend something when they don't understand your business?  We learn how you work, then we help you work better.  We won't recommend anything new until then.


Stop allowing technology to slow you down. Turn it into a valuable tool instead.


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